Microphone Control Unit

The CU 4010 Central Unit is a microprocessor based unit designed for the CDS 4000 Conference Discussion System.

It is used as the basic control unit, when a fully automatic system is required, or as a power supply, when computer control or external control is required. Up to ten CU 4010 units can be linked for controlling up to 1000 microphones.

The CU 4010 includes an amplifier for conference units with built-in loudspeakers. All series 4000 conference units can be connected to the CU 4010 to form a complete Conference Discussion System.

DIS CU4005 conference microphone control unit

DIS MC4005 Remote control for DIS microphones

  • Remote control unit for CU 4010
  • Enables technician to remotely control all conference microphones
  • Programs all system’s functions from keypad
  • Large LED displays for easy readout

DIS MC 4005 remote controller

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