DIS Conference Microphone System

The DM/CM 4410 P is a portable microcomputer controlled conference unit with a loudspeaker and an illuminated microphone mounted on a semi goose neck arm. The loudspeaker is automatically switched off when the microphone is activated. The DM/CM 4410 P unit offers full compatibility with all of the CDS 4000/4100/4200 series of conference units.

Illuminated red ring on microphone head for easy identification of speaker. Clearly visible even in broadcast lighting. Single cable "Daisy Chain". Double rubber-suspended, low noise electret microphone. 3 inch high quality speaker. Replaceable windscreen. Automatic ID no. setting when system is switched on.

Delegate control functions
ON/OFF push button to activate/deactivate the microphone. "Request" LED indicator for microphone in request queue. "Speak" LED indicator for microphone ON.

Chairman control functions
Microphone ON/OFF push button with chairman priority (chairman overrides delegates). "Delegate OFF" push button for switching off (or muting in FIFO mode) all active delegate microphones. "Delegate OFF" LED indicator for all active delegate microphones off. "Speak" LED indicator for chairman microphone on.

The DM 4410 P/CDS 4000 system conforms to all relevant standards for conference electronics.

DIS Dm4410 conference microphone

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