DIS High Efficiency Infrared Radiator

The new RA 15 series of DIS Infrared Radiators are used for powerful distribution of channels in a simultaneous interpretation system. It transmits up to 18 channels in FM sound quality by means of invisible light. The new RA 15 series of infrared radiators are based on a revolutionary new technical modulation principle with almost 100% modulation resulting in extreme large coverage.

The RA 15 models provides reliable illumination from small scale meeting rooms up to very large conference halls. The RA 15-30 model covers up to 9,660 Sq.m./ch. and the RA 15-10 model covers up to 3,230 Sq.m./ch. by use of the high sensitivity DIS IR 15 Infrared Receivers.

DIS RA15 infrared radiator

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