DIS Dual Channel Interpreter's Console

A number of IS 9009 Interpreter's Set are used with one or two CI 9005 Conference Transmitter(s) to form a Simultaneous Interpretation System of 5 or 9 channels

The IS 9009 is a compact dual channel interpreter unit designed to provide all the facilities needed by an interpreter. Each interpreter has one IS 9009 for individual use and a simple cable structure allows up to 3 units plus one LS 9000 Loudspeaker unit to be linked in each interpreter booth. An automatic interlocking circuit prevents the use of a channel by more than one interpreter at the time.

The IS 9009 has a selector for fast switching between speaker (Original) or any one of the interpreted languages. By using the volume and separate bass & treble controls provided, the interpreter can adjust the sound to the best listening comfort. The IS 9009 has a toggle switch for selection of the outgoing A or B channel.

The A & B channels are easily preset on the Conference Transmitter CI 9005. The channel setting may easily be changed at the request of the Chief Interpreter. The IS 9009 has a large red illuminated microphone ON-OFF switch. The microphone may be temporarily muted by pressing the COUGH button. An ALARM button is provided for signalling to the technician.

DIS IS9009 Interpreter console

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