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Infrared Interpretation Conferencing Systems

Infrared (IR) systems offer heightened security and privacy by virtue of their limited susceptibility to interception, rendering them an ideal choice when enhanced levels of confidentiality are paramount.

At LMB we offer ISO 20109-compliant Bosch Dicentis interpretation equipment as well as the complete line of Bosch IR simultaneous interpretation conferencing systems that deliver a superior level of auditory clarity and protection..

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Conference Microphone Systems

At LMB our wired conference microphones enhance the productivity and quality of communication for group events, fostering effective interaction whether in face-to-face meetings or virtual collaborations with the highest level of security.  Each Bosch conference microphone can accommodate two headsets with separate language selection.

At LMB we offer push to talk Bosch DICENTIS ISO and Bosch DCN microphone systems, in addition to our D.I.S. push to talk stand alone systems, providing reliable solutions to minimize echo, feedback and background noise that can arise in meeting spaces; ensuring a clear and focused audio signal from the intended speaker for interpretation, virtual meetings, broadcasting and recording.


Radio Frequency Interpretation Conferencing Systems

Radio Frequency (RF) systems present simplicity in setup, demand minimal additional equipment, and particularly well-suited for events covering larger areas using dedicated frequencies.

At LMB we offer Digi-Stat RF simultaneous interpretation conferencing systems that deliver a reliable solution for a variety of event needs.

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Portable Radio Frequency
Interpretation Conferencing Systems

Portable translation and or tour guide systems offer convenience and simplicity, and particularly well-suited for events that are in close proximity such as bus, factory and gallery tours.

At LMB we offer William Sound RF one way simultaneous interpretation conferencing systems that deliver a dependable solution for a variety of event and tour needs.

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Audio-Visual Full Service Solutions

All events requiring simultaneous interpretation also require audio equipment.

LMB can provide projectors, screens, microphones, sound systems and more, making your event technology booking and execution process a seamless and consistent experience.

Contact your local LMB representative.

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"LMB Systems has provided superb audio visual services for Pan American Silver for several years. They have accommodated our unique requirements and complex setups, involving multilingual interpretation in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Our annual management meeting in particular is technically complicated, with 70 push-to-talk microphones in a large classroom setup, dual cameras, live streaming, video recording, large screens, and trilingual interpretation. LMB has proven year after year as being an outstanding provider, with quick response times, friendly staff, state of the art equipment, professional studios, and highly trained technicians. I offer my recommendation to use LMB’s services without hesitation, and look forward to several more years of collaboration."


Claudia Sandoval

Executive Assistant to CEO

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